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With their second release, High Flight Society has embarked into new musical territory. Titled Par Avion, the EP will release June 12th and feature four brand new tracks, which the band collectively feels are their most ambitious, creative and best songs to date.

The title translates from French to “by air.” The term is typically stamped on packages being sent by airmail. While the title aptly fits with the band's name, it was chosen more for the new direction the music has taken.

“It's a foreign word that seems to fit this place of new discoveries, both musically and lyrically, that we are in as a band,” bassist John Packer said. “We are sending our discoveries back to the fans as we make them.”

Produced by Thad Beaty and Jason Collum (Sorted Noise), HFS felt that the production skills of the Nashville duo would benefit their new, no-holds-barred approach to songwriting. In the past, the band tried to write songs that fit into the current modern rock mold and fit within the limits of the sound they had created for themselves. This time, however, they wanted to go outside of those boundaries.

“When we started putting together songs for the new album, I wanted the freedom to write whatever I came up with. That is why all the songs came out so differently, yet at the same time they still sound like HFS,” lead guitarist Michael Packer said.

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According to guitarist Jerad Griffin, the new EP captures all the different aspects of the HFS sound. “Run from Yesterday,” the first single, is pop rock at its finest, carried by synthesizers and a “synth-like” guitar line. “Inhaling a Bullet” is a straight forward and aggresive rock song, while “Give it Up” has a more ecclectic, indie flavor.

Rounding out the album is the all acoustic “Come On, Sister” which, like the other songs on the album, features the most personal lyrics ever penned by the band.

"All the songs were spawned from personal experiences we've had as we've grown and matured, both as a band and individuals," singer Jason Wilkes said. "There is no sugar coating in an attempt to make the songs have more of a mass appeal. These words are simply us talking about things we've gone through. I think because of that, every song on the EP will hit home with tons of people."

Considering the scope of the music and depth of the lyrics on this new project, drummer Scotty Lockridge spoke for the rest of HFS when he said this new music shows the maturity the band has acquired after years of playing together.

Also playing into the title is the fact that “Par Avion” is only being released digitally. No physical copies will be sold in stores – the album is literally only being released over the digital airwaves and on download cards at the band's shows. The download cards will feature two previously unreleased tracks not available on any other album or compilation.

Coinciding with the release of "Par Avion," High Flight Society has planned a west coast tour in support of the EP. Appropriately named "Par Avion Tour," the band will be showcasing songs from the EP over the course of roughly 20 dates.

"We're all really excited to hear and see reactions from the release of Par Avion on tour and beyond. We feel this is the starting point of something big," explains John. He adds, "We want everyone to be a part of this defining moment."